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Check out some of the reviews and testimonials from our clients past and present. We’re grateful to be their hair salon of choice in Scranton, Moosic and the surrounding area. We hope you will stop by and share the same experience as these amazing clients have every time they visit AMS Loft Salon & Bridal.

Bridget Gallagher
February 5, 2023
Kimberlee Greenleaf
October 31, 2022

My daughter loves going here to get her extensions, Danielle is an expert and the prices are so affordable I wouldn't go anywhere else with my daughter but here!

David Puerner
October 13, 2022

My wife recently started going here. She loves getting her hair done with Mara. Five stars for making my daughter's first haircut a great experience!!!

Alexandra S
September 2, 2022

If you want the basic blonde highlights and blonde balayage that 85% of the girls have that walk out of this salon, then this is the place for you. If you want another color that’s maybe a little bit out of their “comfort zone” or “style” be prepared for 2-3 stylist to approach you questioning your color choice. I spent over $1,000 with them for my hair to literally look the same after all 5 visits. Not even CLOSE to grey. At the 5th and final visit, I was told to “go elsewhere, so they can bleach you from root to end and put pulp riot on your hair”. After that comment, I was given the silent treatment from my stylist until my foiling was almost done. It was so awkward.. Also at this visit is when my stylist felt it was convenient to announce that grey hair “isn’t really her style/thing, or what we do here”. Insinuating she didn’t want to perform this color or service on me anymore. That would have been nice to express to me my 1st visit, not the 5th!? It was just a very condescending, lousy experience overall. Going to the hair salon is supposed to be relaxing and stress free. Instead, each time I was there, I truly felt like I spent my time defending my hair choice.

Maria Lu
August 31, 2022

I’m not one to write horrible reviews but on my sister’s wedding day I feel this place robbed me and the bridal party, starting with our $150 deposit that was absorbed bc 2 out of our 7 cancelled because they had COVID. As if my sister’s wedding day wasn’t already ruined bc her sisters had Covid, they kept their money too. Now for the hair and makeup - For $155 each, half of our bridal party was not happy with their makeup or hair. For $155 I got ELF makeup and hair that, while pretty, was not like anything I asked for. My makeup, as you can see, looked crusty and was not even blended. My eyebrows were not even filled in properly. I actually had to remove most of my makeup and redo it before the wedding, as the maid of honor. I paid for these services so I did not have to worry about anything that day and it seemed this place, from absorbing our deposit from sick people (who also had sick children at home) to having to redo my makeup, made the day worse.

Maura P.
August 26, 2022

I was a client since they opened, but have decided to not return. AMS is a beautiful salon with many amenities, and I agree with most positive points expressed here. However, my personal experience was lacking during the last few visits. While reception wasn't rude (too common these days unfortunately), they weren't really welcoming either. For example, a more enthusiastic (not fake) greeting and some initiative such as asking when the client would like to schedule their next appointment go a long way. I had no issues with my haircuts and really liked my stylist. But scheduling with her became difficult because of decreased availability, and I believe she is transitioning to a new career eventually. Also, I felt rushed at times and just didn't get that relaxing salon experience. My plan was to find another stylist there if she left, but I just didn't feel the vibe was right anymore for me.

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