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When is the best time to schedule your appointment on regrowth?

by | Jan 26, 2022

When is the best time to schedule your appointment?

Here’s few things to remember:

  • If you personally hate regrowth and a color difference at your root – book your appointments 4-6 weeks because regrowth is just not your jam, period.
  • Lighter color base color with blonde balayage? These appointments can last 12-16 weeks!
  • Dark to medium color base with blonde with a full foil should consider 6-8 week touch (& a nice little conditioning treatment once or twice a year @)
  • Grey? Those babies can pop out as soon as 6-7 days after your color. Regrowth of white/silver hair are also very prominent and you tend to notice them the most. If you are not a silver hair lover then you should be sure to have your color applied every 4 weeks!



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