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Are Bellami Hair Extensions for You?

by | Jan 18, 2022

Wondering if Bellami hair extensions are for you?

And what type you should get?

Wondering if Bellami hair extensions are for you?

Hopefully, we can answer some important questions for you today, but we highly recommend a consultation before making a decision!

AMS Loft Salon & Bridal offers two types of permanent Bellami hair extensions: i-Tips & Wefts.

Which is right for you: I-tips or Wefts?

There are several important considerations that we discuss with you during the consultation which help determine which type of extensions are best for you:


Is your hair fine, short or damaged? In these cases, we usually recommend i-Tips because we can place the extensions accordingly, and then fill in gaps as necessary to achieve a longer, fuller look.


Are you happy with your hair? Would you like a little more body and hold for curl? A Weft could be an easy fix for this! We would simply add 1-4 hair rows to one section of the back of of the head.


Tired of your hair growing to one length and looking straggly? Both the Weft and the i-Tips are great options for this. What we need to remember is that with length comes volume, so the hair doesn’t look separated or too fine at the bottom. When gaining length, you typically need to order the largest quantity of Bellami hair that your stylist feels necessary to fill all parts of the head adequately.


Are you prepared to see your stylist every 4-6 weeks to have your extensions moved up or taken out and put back in? This is essential to maintaining your hair’s integrity; in addition to washing and brushing at home with a wet brush and a good shampoo!

Interested in scheduling a consultation? Book an appointment online or call us at (570) 471-7528.

Are Bellami Hair Extensions for You?
Are Bellami Hair Extensions for You?
Are Bellami Hair Extensions for You?

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